Student Leadership

Student Leaders at Caroline Chisholm College aim to bring all students, particularly those on the fringes of our community,  deeper into the heart of the College. Our goal is to build a sisterhood that reflects the legacy of Caroline Chisholm, the emigrant’s friend.

We do this by setting the highest example and modelling the school's charism of Faith, Courage, Tolerance, Compassion, Dignity and Justice. In doing this, we use our leadership to empower students at the College to be the best they can be.

The Student Representative Council of Caroline Chisholm College is a group of young leaders who work together to unite the sisterhood that exists within our college and assist those on the fringes of our community. We aim to set an example of Faith, Courage, Tolerance, Compassion, Dignity and Justice to the rest of the women of the college and encourage both students and teachers to get involved in the many initiatives that our leadership team offers. We work to address social justice issues within our local community as well as on an international level through our committees as well as igniting school spirit through the friendly rivalry of our houses.

Caroline Chisholm College is a school that prides itself on enthusiasm and school spirit. The students belong to six different houses: Gilmore, Jackson, Kenny, Macarthur, Mackillop  and Wright, all of which are named after women who were advocates of justice and compassion. School spirit is the driving force of the sisterhood at the College as it creates lasting bonds between the students and promotes teamwork within the community. The houses are led by six members of the SRC who encourage student involvement in both College and representative events. They each dedicate themselves to an annual fundraising initiative that supports charities that make change at both the grassroots level and the wider international community.

One of the key aspects of the Student Representative Council of the College is that of the four Committees which each hold a great deal of importance in the culture and sisterhood of the College. The Committees are:


The Liturgy Committee aims to actively develop the College’s spirituality and embody the expression of faith throughout the year.


Social Justice

The Social Justice Committee consistently strives to raise awareness of the injustice in local, national and international communities.


Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Committee embodies the ongoing development of sisterhood by bringing together each and every student and establishing a safe and welcoming environment for all.


Student Learning

The Student Learning Committee focuses its attention on the improving the learning culture of the College and aims to become the voice of the student body in matters that affect their education.