Stage 6 Subject Selection

Subject Selection Information

This site has been designed to provide students and parents with information about the educational opportunities available at Caroline Chisholm College for students in Years 11 and 12, and the basics to understanding the HSC and requirements to attain an ATAR. Information about courses on offer can be found in the 2019 Subject Information Handbook.

Subject Information Handbook

This information will assist students and parents to make informed decisions about subject choices. These choices should be based on:

  • interest
  • a realistic assessment of skill and ability
  • a desire to be challenged
  • possible future career goals.

Students undertaking Year 11 and Year 12 courses must be prepared to make a genuine commitment to study and recognise that they will need to achieve an appropriate balance in their lives between study commitments, part-time work, family life, social life and leisure activities. Students, parents and teachers will work in partnership to assist every learner to make informed decisions about their learning and future pathways.

There are greater educational options available catering for the many needs and aspirations of students including traditional HSC courses, VET subjects and various Trainee and Apprenticeship opportunities. In making decisions regarding future educational pathways please consider very carefully all information provided to ensure that the best outcomes and successes can be achieved.

HSC study at our college is designed to stimulate students to maximise their learning potential and to prepare for their professional future. Therefore, the final two years require a serious dedication and commitment to learning.

The particular subjects that will be available for Year 11 students in 2020 will be based on the preferences of this group of students, and this will become evident when they complete their Web Preferences Form. It is important that students indicate the subjects they wish to study in order of preference on the form. Students can raise further questions with KLA Leaders of Learning and HSC teachers before the forms are submitted to clarify any queries.

We wish you well in your decision making, encourage you to accept advice from a wide range of sources and to ask questions if unsure. We look forward to supporting you in bringing your dreams and aspirations to fruition.

Supporting Materials

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